Helen Cingo - Loan not delivered

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i need help with helen cingo she took my money and she is nowhere to be found. She is an online lender and i deposited a R12000 in moneygram as per her instructions. she is sending me from pillar to post. I want to report her to interpol if u can assist me on that i will appreciate, my email is pnxitywa@yahoo.com. I am from SA. She contacted me yesterday via email but saying nothing. I sent her messages several times but in vain. Help me please. My name is phumzile.

thanking u in advance

bye ok sir



This *** sucking god fearing *** also took me. May she rot in ***

Helen Cingo is a scam

Reston, Virginia 5 comments

Helen Cingo or Diana Barbara Alvarez of Cingo Investment Firm is a total scam people. This *** stole over $4000.00 from me. I'm not letting her get away with it. Pay back is a ***. She really did used to give out loans but now she is just stealing people's money. Its horrible what she is doing to innocent people. I'm sure she has accomplises because she gave me fake references that said she is so great. Can't find a thing about her company and she has no web site. Her emails are cingo_lender@yahoo.com and cingo.lender@yahoo.com

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yes she is a thief.she did the same to me as phumizle.

i am in more debts by borrowing money and paying her. in all all i paid R9000-00 which i had borrowed and paid to her for approving my loan nothing has happened. i am in extra R9000-00 debt besides my own debt.

please can someone assist by getting our monies back.GOD WILL MAKE HER PAY STEALING PEOPLES MONI AND MAKE THEM SUFFER


She is a SCAM. I lost over $3000.00; she will swear on GOD, take your money and not send you a dime...beware this is not a person to be trusted. Her references are probably lies as well...they are probably the people who do the scams with her.


I want to disclose what Helen Cingo did to me as well.I deposited R12 000 as she asked.

First one it April 2008 another July 2008. She asked for R14000 in order for me to get the loan. I need help please.

She contacted me yesterday via email asking if ever I still need the money.Not saying anything about whta happened last year.


yes is she not a scam she will prove it. from my experience she is honest truth is she a thief people should not go to her and the authorthies should try and set her up


You are a lier, she dont scam people, stop spoiling her reputation

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